Oral Bacteria Linked with Alzheimer’s Teams Up with Oral Biofilm

It’s quickly becoming apparent that periodontal disease is a complex genetic disease caused by oral biofilm. One of the most deadly components of oral biofilm is Treponema denticola.

A study recently released in the Journal of PLoS ONE analyzed the responses of T. denticola during early contact with other bacteria found in subgingival plaque.

This study confirms what we’ve thought for some time:

  • That the orange and red complex bacteria work together to cause problems.
  • The yellow complex bacteria plays a key role in this same path.

T. denticola is a spirochete that has been associated with numerous systemic diseases—specifically with Alzheimer’s disease as shown in Judith Miklossy’s work with neurospirochetosis.

Once again, it shows us how important it is for coordinated care between dental and medical professionals to address oral biofilm—not only for periodontal health but also systemic disease.

Source: Transcriptional Responses of Treponema denticola to Other Oral Bacterial Species