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Ashley Williams Hite is the Managing Editor for the OSH News Network. She is also the Director of Marketing for the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health. She has a degree in Professional Writing from Missouri State University and has been an avid researcher of oral-systemic topics for several years.

Oral Bacteria Found in Healthy Placentas

It has long been thought that the placenta was a major barrier safeguarding unborn babies from bacteria as they develop. However, a research team from…

Postponing Dental Care May Be Fatal

A 31 year-old man from Cincinnati, Ohio, has died due to complications from a tooth infection, according to a report by Cincinnati news station WLWT….

Why is Meditation Good for Health?

It has become common knowledge in recent years that mindful meditation can effect positive influences on health—specifically, cardiovascular disease, stress, and metabolism. But do you…