Skipping the Dentist is Bad for Your Bank Account

A recent report from the American Dental Association showed that the number of adults visiting the dentist at least yearly has been declining over the past 7 years. As recently as 2010, it appears that more and more adults are putting off dental visits in an effort to save money. But it turns out that missing out on regular dental care bodes ill for your budget.

UC Wellness Oral Health Study

At the same time, research is coming out daily that shows one of the best ways to save money is to have a healthy mouth. New research from United Concordia determined that regular dental care not only improves overall health but can by extension reduce medical costs as well.

This newest study found that participants who had periodontal therapy saved an average of $1,814 from reduced hospital and office visits. The savings nearly doubled for patients with diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis patients saved a staggering total of $3,964.

With the research showing us the role of oral health in inflammatory diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s, it’s possible for patients to come to the dentist to not only improve their smiles but also their lives.