Integrative Care: The Future of Healthcare

I was recently interviewed for an article in Naturopathic Doctor News and Review for their regular column, The Expert Report. The journal, whose main audience is naturopaths and other integrative health professionals, was to highlight the connection between the mouth and the body.

Dr. Mark Swanson, whom I spoke with for the interview, was particularly interested in the role of oral inflammation on systemic inflammation and disease:

How does bacteria get from the mouth into the system and cause systemic inflammation?

Dr Sindelar: To simplify the path, we have essentially 3 portals of entry1,2:

1. Invasion of gram-negative bacteria through epithelial lining of periodontal pockets
2. Effects from the circulating toxins of periodontal pathogens
3. Inflammation caused by the immunologic response to the pathogens and their toxins

In other words, bad bacteria enter us through periodontal pockets, they release toxins into our systems, and our own bodies set off an inflammatory response to both of the above. The bugs matter!

I’m finding that more and more medical professionals are paying attention to the oral inflammation, as evidenced by the simple fact that I was asked to contribute to this article. The medical community is paying attention! It has never been more important for the dental and medical communities to align and integrate for the improved health of our patients.

Read the full interview here, and let me know what you think!